Körting Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP) for the textile industry

What we are looking for:
Contact with customers and potential customers in the Mexican and LATAM textile markets.

What we offer:
Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP) for the reuse of caustic soda from the mercerisation process in the textile industry. The highly energy efficient plants brings sustainability in the mercerisation process and savings of one millions of operating costs. Thanks to this savings, Körting CRPs have a payback time less than six months. As a result, plant operating company can permanently reduce the operation costs of mercerisation. Körting CRP can be used for white bleached fabrics, yarn-dyed and denim fabrics.

Our presentation topic during the conference:
Turn mercerising waste water into money

  • Textile machinery
    • Finishing and dyeing machinery and accessories
  • Textile production
    • finishing and dyeing of textiles
    • natural fibers
    • home textiles


Mr M.Sc. Chem.Eng. Tomas Eriksson
Sales Director LATAM

Mr Dipl.-Ing. Karl Hesse
Senior project engineer Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP)

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